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Janice Au is a UK registered Sports Therapist.  She obtained the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sports Therapy Degree from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom.
In 2016-2018, Janice worked as the sports therapist for the professional athletes of Kent Crusader Basketball team and the Canterbury Academy in UK. She not only provided massage therapy to the athletes but also gave exercise prescriptions to improve sports performance of the athletes.
She has extensive experience working together with physiotherapists to design personalised massage and exercise therapy to clients. Also she was well trained by physiotherapist to give pregnancy massage for pre- and post-natal Ladies.
With the versed knowledge in anatomy and physiology she learned from her BSc (Hon) degree Sports Therapy in UK, her massage therapy included professional sports massage and remedial massage, which utilise a variety of clinical techniques, like Myofascial Release, Positional Release Techniques, Muscle Energy Technique etc., to relieving muscle soreness and tightness.
With Janice’s knowledge and skills, clients would benefit a faster recovery and be able return to their active lifestyle, relieve stress and tension of everyday living.



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