ACL reconstruction rehabilitation in APS physiotherapy

She ruptured her ACL and PCL with both reconstruction done. After 8 months of intensive physiotherapy, she has returned to basket ball field.


Muscle taping to relieve pain and bruise


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sports rehabilitation for rugby player in APS physiotherapy and sports clinic


Rehabiliation after sports injury

The world class professional skill and state of art equipments


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Foamroller Extension

This exercise can improve the chest and thoracic mobility as well as the breathing pattern. By improving the posture of our spine, the diaphragm muscle can work more efficient. Neck and back pain will be much relieved after this exercise.

Ladder Barrel

Ladder barrel is one of the important tool in pilates exercises. in this exercise , we help our client to elongate the lateral sling as well as to strengthen up the core muscle.

Pilates Reformer Gluteus Med 2

Gluteus medius muscle is one of the important muscles maintaining core stability of lumbar and pelvic area. Close kinetic chain exercise is especially crucial during rehabilitation of these areas dysfunction.

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