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Specialized in orthopedic and sports Rehab

SIJ and TMJ dysfunction


Chris Chan graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a physiotherapist in 1989 and obtained his master’s degree in 2001 in USA’s Quinnipiac University.  He has more than 22 years of solid experience in treating orthopedic injuries.    


Since 1999, Chris has been qualified as an “Orthopedic Clinical Specialist” by the American Physical Therapy Association. He was also employed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as assistant manager in the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation clinic in 2003. Other than assisting in the daily administration of the clinic, he also acted as a clinical educator and supervised local physiotherapy students as well as others from overseas.


Upon moving to Canada, Chris established his own private clinic in Vancouver in the year 2005.  He treated thousands of cases including people who suffered from work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, as well as various sports injuries.


He was later invited to work as the Deputy Director in the Sports Unit of Rehabilitation Clinic in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009. During this period, he not only helped many elite sports players in Hong Kong and China, but also offered part-time teaching to medical students at Chinese University of Hong Kong and physiotherapy students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2010, Chris was also employed by the Guangdong Sports institute to help the Chinese elite competitors in preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games and 2013 China Games.



Chris has opened his own private practice in Central and Jordan in Hong Kong. He is currently taking care of various orthopedic and sports injury clients.

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